Dog Treats: Himalayan Cheese Chews for Your Four-Legged Friend!

Chewing is a normal aspect of being a dog. And it's an important factor! Did you know that people employ chewing as a stress-relieving strategy? Humans chew on their fingernails, clench their teeth, and bite on something as an outlet for emotional tension or stress. If this is normal behavior for ourselves, it should come as no surprise that it is also a natural and essential behavior for our pups.

Chewing is necessary for all dogs, either pups or adults. When puppies start teething, they chew to ease discomfort and soothe their gums, or just to explore their new surroundings (much like a newborn!). They subsequently do so throughout adulthood to maintain their masticatory (chewing) muscles strong, their teeth clean, and their brain engaged.

Chewing helps elderly dogs cope with anxiety, irritation, and boredom. It is, in fact, one of three fun activities that might assist a hyper or agitated dog in relaxing. As humans, we may compare it to our need to chew gum. Have you ever observed that chewing gum boosts your concentration while also encouraging a more positive mindset and relaxation? Chewing is undoubtedly useful to our pets if it may benefit us. So long as they're chewing on the correct stuff.

Chewing is good for your dog's mental and physical health, so provide a variety of safe and appropriate chew toys. If you don't, they'll find their own chew "items," which may be your most precious pair of shoes, the legs of your dining room chairs, the nearest electric cord, or even your arms!

There are so many different types of dog chews available now! But what is the question here? Which chews are the best? Which chews should you definitely avoid? Which chew is most suited to your dog? How long will your dog be able to munch on the treat? So, here's what chew meter has to give. They've arrived with a variety of chews for your little furry pal.

Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese

Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese is based on an old recipe from the Himalayan people. It is created in the mountains at over 15,000 feet using ancient methods with Yak and Cow Milk and all-natural components, with no chemicals or preservatives.

With Yaky Himalayan Hard Cheese Chews, you can give your dog the same bone-gnawing enjoyment without dangerous bone shards that could cut his gums or intestines. 

WHY CHOOSE Yaky Himalayan Dog Hard Cheese Chews?

You can preserve your furniture or shoes by diverting your dog's natural chewing tendency with an enticing treat. Just be sure you understand how your chews are prepared. To avoid choking, always supervise your dog when he is chewing on a toy and grab and throw away little bits as he reaches the end of the chew.

Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese is not only Lactose and gluten-free but also is corn-free, soy-free, wheat-free, and grain-free. There are no preservatives or binding agents in this product. It is an excellent and healthier substitute for Rawhide. It also helps in improving oral hygiene and health. It lasts longer than biscuits and other soft treats because they are so thick, and they truly make your dog work for his delight, so he can't just gulp it down and demand another (a habit that can lead to weight gain). Simultaneously, Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese will fulfill your dog's natural urge to chew on objects. It's like a delicious type of entertainment!

The Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese is a healthier alternative to rawhide pet chews and bones. They're prepared entirely by hand from healthy ingredients using a centuries-old Nepalese 3-month sun-drying and smoking process.

This hard cheese pet chew is more digestible than bones or rawhide chews and remains robust for hours of delectable chewing, which also is available in different sizes and packaging.

The delightful natural cheese taste will keep your dog delighted, and you'll be glad knowing you're feeding your dog a nutritious, high-protein, low-fat treat.


  • Soak the chew bone for 3 minutes in warm water.
  • In a 1000 watt microwave, heat for 45 seconds.
  • Allow it to cool for 2 minutes.
  • Treat your dog with a homemade puff.

 HOW TO USE THE Himalayan Yaky Hard Cheese

  • Give it as a reward or as a treat
  • When giving pets any kind of treat, monitor them.
  • For dogs over the age of 12 weeks
  • Not suitable for human consumption
  • Chews will last longer if stored in a cool & dry place (do not refrigerate)
  • Hands should be washed after handling drool-containing products.
  • If a potential hazard appears, remove the treat.

Himalayan Knotted Cheese Bone

Himalayan Knotted Cheese Bone gives your dog all the joy of chewing medium-density chews without tummy concerns. A healthy alternative. Buy by the kilo and save on these single sitting Knotted Cheese Bone chews. ​

Every Knotted Cheese Bone is 100% rawhide-free and made from great tasting, easily digestible Himalayan cheese. Every "bone" is naturally lactose, grain, corn, soy, and gluten-free. ​ 

  • NATURALLY dog delicious - EASILY Digestible Recipe
  • HIGH PROTEIN, Low-Fat recipe - Corn, Wheat, Soy Gluten, and Lactose-FREE
  • BEST VALUE - Sold in 1 Kilo pouches - That's 2.2 pounds for you and me
  • NEVER any artificial flavors or colors - NO Stains or mess to worry about
  • 65 to 70 pieces per pouch
  • These are available in different sizes and packaging.


Finally, anything new is usually more thrilling. It is more useful in minimizing boredom and anxiety when your dog is thrilled about the chew. It has to be more enticing than the bad habit you want to avoid.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and test several natural chews to determine which ones are best for your dog!

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