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Cheese Treats for Fur-buddies: Know the Do’s and Don’ts

It's easy to give your dog a slice of cheese whether you're making a sandwich or packing a lunch. Is it, however, safe for dogs to consume cheese? Yes, to put it succinctly. However, you should be aware that not all types of cheese are good for dogs to consume, so you should educate yourself on what you can and cannot feed your dog. All Cheese isn’t Safe!! There are a few types of cheese that are better for dogs in comparison to others. According to facts, you should use low-fat or reduced-fat cheese for your dogs. You should also limit how much cheese you offer them because most cheese is heavy in fat. Opt for Safe Cheese Mozarella  Cottage...

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Dog Treats: All About Himalayan Cheese Chews For Your Four-Legged Buddy!

Chewing is an innate desire and need in dogs. Chewing is beneficial to dogs in a variety of ways. Chewing relieves pain in puppies who are teething, just as it does in babies. Chewing also benefits older dogs in maintaining their jaws strong and keeping their teeth clean. Some dogs chew just for the sake of chewing, as they like to play around more often. Chewing, on the other hand, can also be a way for dogs to relieve anxiety, frustration, or boredom. Unfortunately, they aren't always adept at selecting the best foods to chew on. And here’s your time to come into action. It can appear that there are as many different types of chews available for their dogs...

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